2020-08-24: Development Meeting

Kacper, Craig, Mike H, Mike L, Tommy, Tim


  • Updates


  • Kacper
    • Dashboard reviews, filed issues that I encountered (mostly related to #78)
    • Rebased whole-tale/girder_wholetale#326 and verified that it works properly
    • Helped to debug a few issues related to deployment on Ubuntu
  • Tommy
    • Currently doing dashboard reviews
    • Have Tale updating in a good state; planning on demoing it to nceas folks Thursday (then PR)
    • Worked on generating the OWL file via COGS for SDTL
  • Craig
    • Terraform deployment update PR
      • Move to Ubuntu, add Docker volume
      • Deployed to https://dashboard.ubuntu.wholetale.org/
      • Will test more this week
    • Then move back to MATLAB and C2Metadata work
    • May be out next week
  • Mike L
    • Fixed issue in files PR where files were uploaded twice (thanks, Kacper)
    • Made PR to fix Run > Metadata to match mockups and add missing functionality
    • Next up: other files issues that Kacper reported, unless there is a higher priority. Namely, the Run > Files > “Move To” modal appears to be missing
  • Tim
    • SPARQL reporter can now load named queries (and subreports) from external files.
    • Simple DOT file generation works.
    • Will be working on inserting triples into Blazegraph based on what ReproZip observes during executions.
  • Mike H