2020-08-31: Development Meeting

Kacper, Mike L, Tim, Tommy


  • Updates
  • Updated Tales discussion
    • Held off on demoing until this issue is resolved
    • Consider the use case: Someone publishes a Tale, includes it in their paper. Then they go ahead and fork the Tale (/continue to work on it) to do more research. They publish to DataONE, but their original published object will be obsoleted-breaking the link to the first paper.
    • Matt suggested some sort of UI element when publishing to let the user decide when its appropriate to update a published Tale
      • If the Tale has been published to Zenodo or DataONE, let the user know that it’s been published and they have the ability to update it, but dont’t have to
  • publishInfo ordering
    • Should only keep one record for each publisher and update


  • Mike L
    • PR for Run > Metadata styling and missing fields
      • Should add back “edit mode” or some way to preview rendered view
    • PR for MoveTo dialog
      • pitfall: changing parentId is a no-op unless parentType is included, even if parentType is unchanged
      • 500 error when moving between Home <-> Tale Workspaces - this is a known bug
    • Merged Tommy’s PR :+1:
  • Tim
    • Some improvements to SPARQL reporter.
    • Working on CIRSS development. Will be factoring code into CIRSS-wide, SKOPE-specific and WT-specific capabilities.
  • Kacper
    • Dashboard reviews
    • Hotfixing py37 merge mess
    • Preparing to integrate versioning:
      • First step: HomeDirs to use virtual resources.
  • Tommy
    • Dashboard PR
    • Fiddled with the COGS system
      • Gross dependancies, environment assumptions
      • Still couldn’t get it to fully work-requesting the OWL file instead
    • Discussed more use cases for obsoleting (see agenda)
      • Ran across a small UI bug (not implimented in previous dashboard) related to ordering