2020-09-21: Development Meeting

Kacper, Tommy, Mike H, Tim, Craig, Mike L


  • Updates
  • Light discussion on provenance storage – [name=Tommy] (moved to next week)


  • Kacper

  • Tommy

    • Beefed up gwvolman tests

    • Need to run them locally to stop breaking Kacper’s inbox

      • KK: Try:

        pip install pipenv --user
        pipenv --python 3.8  # any >=3.6 should work too
        pipenv install
        pipenv run pip install -e .
        pipenv run pytest --cov=gwvolman .
    • Spliting the tests out of the Tale Update PR

    • Worked on recorded run documentation (mostly updating and expanding on older docs)

      • Storing prov in Blazegraph vs text file
      • Flow diagrams for the recorded run and publishing
      • Touched up the provenance tooling output doc
  • Tim

    • Mostly worked on grant proposals.
    • Built a statically linked ReproZip executable for 64-bit Linux. Interestingly, traces using this sees fewer files (libraries) accessed during a run. Need to investigate.
  • Craig

  • Mike L