2020-10-19: Development Meeting

Kacper, Tim, Mike H, Mike L, Tommy



  • Tommy
    • Mostly WT work this week
    • Upgraded macos
      • Virtual box is broken now
    • Testing is at the top stack when VB gets fixed
  • Kacper
  • Mike L
    • Taking a look at versioning API
    • Wiring WIP Recorded Runs UI branch up to new API
    • Started writing version API client - POST now working
      • Discovered a minor bug when force=false and nothing has changed
      • Fixed by Mike H’s PR
    • Confusion with /version/exists
  • Mike H
  • Craig
    • MATLAB PRs to repo2docker, repo2docker_wholetale, deploy-dev, gwvolman, and new matlab-install directory
    • UIUC now has institutional license
  • Tim
    • Still working on grant proposal.