2020-11-16: Development Meeting

Kacper, Mike L, Craig, Tim, Tommy


  • Updates
  • C2Metadata prov models – [name=Craig]


  • Kacper
    • Reviewed dashboard PRs
    • still reviewing Matlab/Stata
  • Mike L
    • Wiring up Git integration API to the UI
    • Filed a weird issue I ran into with “View Logs”
      • https://github.com/whole-tale/ngx-dashboard/issues/109
      • Debugging with Kacper to figure things out
  • Craig
    • MATLAB 2020 install fix
      • For R2019b -mode silent did not display desktop installer but produced console logs. For R2020x it now silences logs too…
      • For R2020x -destinationPath must be specified or it tries to install everything
    • C2metadata converter
      • Almost deployed by NCSA…
      • No further work until Michigan components are finalized
    • UI Sharing PR
      • May be environment problems
      • Couldn’t upload
      • Copy on launch failed
      • Can’t edit metadata on tale I have edit access on.
  • Tim
    • Working on SKOPE this week.
    • There seems to be interest among SKOPE PIs in requesting a (SKOPE) supplement to integrate WT provenance tooling into SKOPE application.
  • Tommy
    • Updated test plan to account for different data registration & Tale creation changes
    • Testing Mike L’s PRs
    • Playing with Craig’s work to see what the limitations of EML/DDI updating are