2020-11-30: Development Meeting

Tommy, Craig, Mike L, Mike H, Kacper


  • Updates
  • Discuss Brown Dog + C2Metadata in gwvolman – [name=Tommy]
    • Planning on having a proposal written for what the feature looks like in Whole Tale
    • Two routes:
      • Automatic detection of EML/DDI, scripts, and data files
        • Issues include
          • What to do with multiple EML/DDI files
          • How to decide which metadata files are associated with which script
      • User input at time of publish for the info (Tosh 2.0 File Picker Web Redemption)
    • Support for registered data
      • EML/DDI inside data/ folder
  • Discuss ProvONE model – [name=Tommy]


  • Kacper
    • Reviewed Matlab PR
    • Onto sharing PR (take 2)
  • Tommy
    • Rewrote the ProvONE-SDTL model documentation
      • New beautiful charts
      • Added up to date, realistic examples taken from the python sdtl-parser tests
    • Refactored the ProvONE-SDTL converter to work with said model
      • Works for most SDTL cases. Only one case where things break but ‘super easy’ fix
    • Played with bringing Craigs Brown Dog-C2Metadata stack in gwvolman
  • Craig
    • PR review and testing
    • STATA integration demo video
    • Will meet with Mathworks folks on 12/10 about their new approach
  • Mike L
    • Fixed file uploads on shared Tales
      • Fix general file upload patterns / chunking (see tale-sharing PR)
      • Default chunk size is 67108864 (same as Girder)
      • Large files should now upload without crashing browser
  • Mike H