2020-12-14: Development Meeting

Kacper, Tommy, Mike L, Craig, Tim, Mike H


  • Updates


  • Kacper
    • PR reviews
  • Craig
    • New landing page mockup (impl. by Mike L.)
      • TOS draft
      • Covers TOS and STATA ack requirements
    • Ignored unit tests in r2d…
    • Met with Mathworks
    • PR review/testing
  • Tommy
    • sdtlconverter (tool for turning JSON sdtl into rdf) is working as a pip installable library
    • Created an example repo for json->rdf conversions
    • Prep for SDTL meeting after this call
      • Mostly concerned with questions about the sdtl OWL schema
    • Reviews (promise to review versioning today)
  • Tim
    • Starting to see the point of SDTL…
    • I got a few SPARQL queries working on the SDTL RDF I handcrafted. It’s actually very straightforward to query.
      • Python script representing the SDTL program: https://github.com/CIRSS/geist/blob/master/examples/07-sdtl-provone-inference/python/compute.py
      • Hand-edited SDTL JSON-LD representation of the program: https://github.com/CIRSS/geist/blob/master/examples/07-sdtl-provone-inference/data/compute-sdtl.jsonld
      • Some queries and their outputs: https://github.com/CIRSS/geist/blob/master/examples/07-sdtl-provone-inference/03-sdtl-queries/run.txt
      • PNG file created from the final (graphviz-generating) query: https://github.com/CIRSS/geist/blob/master/examples/07-sdtl-provone-inference/03-sdtl-queries/outputs/GRAPH-1.png
    • Have yet to find a find a query of SDTL that depends on order of elements in JSON arrays.
  • Mike L
  • Mike H *