2020-12-21: Development Meeting

Kacper, Tommy, Mike H, Craig, Tim


  • Updates
  • Image versions [name=Craig]
    • New Matlab IDE will only work with version >=R2020b
    • Jupyter Kernel/Xpra required for < R2020b
  • Next meeting: 01/11/21


  • Kacper
  • Craig
    • Fixed r2d PR w.r.t. tests
    • PR reviews
    • Matlab redux
  • Tommy
    • Misc PR reviews
    • Refactored SDTL/RDF stuff to address feedback from SDTL Team & Tim
    • Focusing some time on getting the current release out (PR review + docs + testing effors)
      • Would like to start work on some reproducible run stuff soon (SDTL pipleline depends on it and I only have ~2 months left)
  • Tim
    • Order of SDTL elements do matter! Thanks, Tommy.
    • Fortunately, SPARQL queries still can be made to work.
    • Unfortunately, it looks like sequence is insufficient to resolve variable dependencies. Hope I’m wrong.
    • Will need to make a table of general SDTL program structures that can be expected and the type capabilities/limitations on querying for each.
    • https://github.com/ThomasThelen/sdtl-rdf-examples/blob/master/examples/03-compute_save_compute/script.py
    • From Craig:
      • https://gitlab.com/craig-willis/c2metadata-bd/-/tree/master/examples
  • Mike H
  • Mike L
    • Updated Tale Versions PR to work with newest versioning API changes
    • Noting Craig/Tommy’s feedback about the “name exists” validation behavior - not sure how easy it will be to intercept the modal before it submits or reopening it on failure. This may be a shortcoming in Angular/Google’s MatDialog.