2021-02-15: Development Meeting

Kacper, Craig, Tim, Mike L, Tommy


  • Updates
  • Manifest discussion continued [name=craig]
    • https://github.com/whole-tale/serialization-format/pull/2#issuecomment-779397235
    • https://github.com/whole-tale/serialization-format/issues/3


  • Kacper
  • Craig
  • Tim
    • Broke dependency cycle between blazegraph CLI and Geist package
    • Adding help to the blazegraph cli, more options for logging, troubleshooting, etc
    • Will be adding examples to Geist repo exercising JSON-LD relevant to RO standards.
    • Interested in supporting remote contexts in standards-compliant ways that do not require resolving remote URLs at run (load or query) time.
  • Mike L
    • Reviewed PRs
    • Added some bits to UI PR for “Restore Version”
      • There doesn’t seem to be a way to restore to HEAD atm, but that seems like the only missing piece :+1:
    • Fixed UI version name validation race condition in “Rename” case
      • Sorry for the extraneous PR here, I missed a comment where the last issue was addressed
    • Thinking about Craig’s WIP for event updates
      • May need some small service in the UI to distribute updates to interested components
  • Tommy
    • Manifest stuff (see Craig’s update)
    • Tale restore testing
    • Publishing change for crypto library version