2021-02-22: Development Meeting

Kacper, Mike H, Tommy, Tim


  • Updates
  • Auto generated versions
    • Create new version on every export/publish or only when one is missing


  • Kacper
    • Merged all the things! (version restore, partial support for versions in export/publish)
    • Reviewing Tommy’s work.
  • Craig
    • PR review/testing
  • Tommy
    • Exporting & Publishing Versions work
      • Addressing Kacper’s feedback about version requirements in the Manifest
      • Fixed up gwvolman tests
      • Will write wt_versioning tests after agenda discussion
      • Followed by girder_wt tests
    • Other general DataONE related testing
      • Found that analyzing published Tales is restrictive in the search for Tales in the system (many Tales weren’t found)
      • Expect to see PR for that fix soon
    • SDTL stuff
      • George confirmed ~5 or so commands look good in linked data form
      • The different parsers produce slightly different JSON output (my converter parses that JSON) so some things broke. George has a work around, low priority but done before prov week
    • End of lifetime
      • My WT time has been ramping down, ends this week
      • I still have some recorded run work to do, so I’ll be spending a little time this week looking at geist and a PoC of instering the provone output into resource maps
  • Tim
    • Cleaned up Blazegraph CLI and got it closer to feature complete, help, etc.
    • Still need to add a –wait flag to the status command, for waiting until Blazegraph is up and running.
  • Mike H *