2021-03-15: Development Meeting

Kacper, Tim, Craig,


  • Updates
  • Release
    • Bug triage


  • Kacper
    • Traefik v2 + Forward Auth review
    • Exporting versions (UI) review
  • Craig
    • Traefik v2 + Forward Auth changes, needs tests
    • Testing/review (export versions, restore, events UI)
  • Tim
    • Blazegraph management is now encapsulated in the blaze command.
      • Hides “REST” API of Blazegraph, makes robust.
      • Uses part of Geist inside but is decoupled from Geist development and releases.
      • Can create/destroy/import/export RDF datasets as well as query, report.
      • Would a Python API wrapper be useful?
  • Mike L