2021-04-19: Development Meeting

Kacper, Mike H, Tim, Mike L, Craig


  • Updates


  • Mike L
    • Migration to new laptop overtook much of the week
      • Weird issue pulling dashboard dependencies with yarn install - this may have been due to XCode missing
    • Now using WebStorm as an IDE to test things out
      • Previously used Theia (web-based VSCode fork)
    • Revisited PR for “Double-refresh on delete”
      • Pushed a fix to remove tales$ / async pattern - pattern was overly complicated and unnecessary
    • Will work through PRs and release testing this week
  • Mike H
  • Tim
    • Working on CPR demo paper.
  • Kacper
    • Minor css fixes to notification panel
  • Craig
    • Re-deployed stage (bigger disks)
    • MATLAB licenses updated on IU and now working
    • Documentation updates
    • Minor UI PRs
    • Testing