2021-06-14: Development Meeting

Kacper, Tim, Craig, Mike H., Mike L


  • Updates


  • Kacper
    • out half of the week
    • started working on reproducible runs:
      • refactoring of girderfs in preparation for more significant work (girderfs#26)
      • exposed run/workspace via webdav (3 PRs)
  • Tim
    • Migrating XSB-based examples of CPR to Blazegraph/SPARQL.
    • Enough is there to be an example for a Docker image for trace-extraction and reporting post-processing of a recorded run.
    • Will be implementing the reports and fleshing out the core CPR and WT provenance vocabularies to support the queries and reports clearly.
  • Craig
    • Working on gwvolman recorded_run job
  • Mike H
  • Mike L
    • PR for stretchy behavior in the files browser (Chrome 91+)
    • WIP PR for design of the “Run Configurations” modal
      • Create/Delete/Edit within the modal
      • Discuss design - will this fit what we’re planning for the API?