2021-07-12: Development Meeting

Kacper, Mike L, Craig, Mike H


  • Updates
  • DERIVA integration/BDBag import [name=Craig]
    • MH: Goal is to implement what’s in the proposal
      • Register data from DERIVA
      • Publish/export to DERIVA
      • Bag is the most reasonable, also useful for others
  • Recorded run alternatives [name=Craig]


  • Kacper
    • Fixed minor inconsistency in RunStatus (wt_versioning#31)
    • Reviews
  • Mike L
    • Migration to angular9 (and upcoming migration to ang12)
    • PR to fix the post-migration blank page error
      • Default LogLevel is now Error (need to revisit the numerical order once things are stable)
      • Circular dependency after refactoring
        • only seems to happen with --prod
      • Change env.js to env.json, read via HTTP(S) instead of <script> tags
  • Craig
    • Recorded run draft
    • PR reviews
    • Upcoming
      • C2Metadata wrap up…
      • Webpage updates
      • MATLAB support announcement
  • Mike H