2021-08-02: Development Meeting

Tim, Craig, Mike H


  • Updates
  • Discussion of bag import PR
    • CW: Do we want to keep all the metadata files?
      • MH: Maybe not, or maybe put it in our metadata.
        • Also we should probably validate the bag
        • DMS should also check the hash of fetch.txt files
  • Recorded Run Lite
    • TM: Can we see process IDs


  • Craig
    • PR review/testing
    • Image build troubleshooting (caused by newer Docker version)
    • MATLAB write-up
  • Tim
    • Latest CPR releases (prepared for the demo for ProvWeek) includes SPARQL implementations of all the queries previously implemented in XSB/Prolog.
      • Includes the dataflow visualizations.
    • Found that timestamps captured by ReproZip are relative, but not to the Epoch.
      • Considering adjusting by subtracting lowest timestamp in conversion to CPR.
    • Will be adding tests for CPR “roles”.