2021-08-09: Development Meeting

Craig, Mike L, Mike H


  • Updates
  • Discussion of WT + SKOPE [name=Tim]
    • Possible application of WT
    • Also general purpose prov tools for use outside of WT
  • Check-in about Recorded Runs [name=Mike L]
    • run endpoints should be working on master
    • starting an actual job needs the gwvolman and wt_versioning PRs


  • Craig
    • MATLAB troubleshooting + write-up
    • Meeting about DERIVA
    • Explored CPR
  • Mike L
    • Vacation
    • Testing Angular v12 stuff to reproduce Tale launch issue
      • PR upcoming for sync issue
    • Continuing on Recorded Runs feature
      • Will re-test API, but last I knew POST /run still had issues
      • Next steps?
  • Mike H
  • Tim
    • Cleaned up the directory roles declaration code
      • Converting all paths to absolute paths before “indexing” makes it all more robust.
      • Added tests demonstrating that overriding the role of a subdirectory works correctly and cascades to children.
    • Will be using SKOPE data preprocessing workflows to exercise CPR.
      • SKOPE PIs interested in Tales that demonstrate how data sets were prepared.