2021-08-30: Development Meeting

Kacper, Tim, Craig, Mike L, Mike H,


  • Updates
  • New issues triage!
  • ~~Radiant questions?~~ ([name=Mike L])


  • Kacper
    • PoC for tracing fs: https://github.com/whole-tale/tracingfs.git
    • PR Reviews
  • Craig
    • PR Reviews
    • MATLAB plugin upgrade
    • Trying to develop training materials for VW supplement
    • Demod Brown Dog converter to UMich team
  • Tim
    • Mapping flow of data between Jupyter and external processes it starts is going to need more than ReproZip.
  • Mike H
  • Mike L
    • Wired up /start endpoint in Recorded Runs PR
      • Next up: show recorded runs / versions under Run > Files
    • Discussed Radiant allocation with Rob
      • XSEDE-esque sign-up form should get us what we need
      • Regular allocations should already be available (Aug 2020)
      • Trials may have more features (regular allocation seemed to be missing some checkboxes on the form)
      • Some oddities with requestable features - e.g. “Flash storage” has a checkbox indicating it is optional, but there’s no alternative to create OS volume without it