2021-10-04 Development Meeting

Kacper, Craig, Mike H, Mike L, Tim


  • Updates


  • Kacper
    • VR fix for problem identified by Matt D
    • Helping Lars debug various issues
      • We hit a memLimit (now fixed)
      • There’s still an unidentified issue with big files (>800M) on webdav mount disappearing
  • Mike L
    • Submitted PR for uploading BDBag via the UI
      • PR is going into Recorded Runs branch, since they touch the same code
  • Mike H
    • DERIVA meeting 10/4
  • Tim
    • Hope to have bpftrace-based recorder matching ReproZip capabilities in a couple weeks.
    • Will have additional ability to detect when processes stop.
    • Timestamps are recorded at a very low level and may actually be useful for reasoning about provenance (I’ve long been a timestamp skeptic).
    • kprobes are super-cool. Find a function call in the kernel source code, and you can put a dynamic tracepoint there without rebuilding the kernel. Turned out to be important to knowing when the last thread in a process exists. The Linux kernel doesn’t have a concept of a UNIX process it turns out, only thread groups, so need to detect when the thread group resource cleanup function is called (conditionally) right before the static tracepoint where the thread exits.
  • Craig
    • Supplement meetings/prep/support
    • Troubleshooting repo2docker build issues due to expired LE cert (pull buildpack-deps:bionic)
    • Testing additional STATA versions
    • Requested STATA MP + renewed licenses
    • Upcoming: DERIVA meeting 10/4