2021-10-18 Development Meeting

Kacper, Mike H, Mike L, Tim


  • Updates


  • Kacper
  • Mike H
  • Mike L
    • Starting to address PR feedback on Recorded Runs
      • “Runs” missing from timeline on Tale History panel
      • Back button yields an innocuous error in the console
      • User creating runs back-to-back won’t create a new version - handle HTTP 303 See Other
      • User should not be able to delete versions that have runs - need to handle HTTP 461 error
        • Side note: What is 461? This response code does not appear to be standardized
  • Tim
    • Are absolute file paths likely to fit within 200 characters?
      • String lengths limited to 64 bytes by default in bpftrace.
      • Can be raised to 200 through environment variable setting.
      • Internally the BPF stack size 512 bytes which is easy to exceed when strings are longer (detected by static analyis, it seems).
      • Would have to use C and bypass bpftrace to manage strings differently.
    • There are indeed open() failure to filter out during nbconvert execution.
  • Craig
    • PR Review/testing mainly around recoded runs
    • Proposed alternative to run configuration