2021-11-15 Development Meeting

Kacper, Craig, Mike L, Mike H, Tim


  • Updates
  • Agenda
    • Let user manually manage image builds?
      • Tale > Metadata > “Advanced” (hidden by default)
      • Stretch goal: some indicator for “out-of-sync” would be helpful
    • Revisiting Recorded Runs design
      • Takeaways:
        • Modify Tale History panel for read-only (except Restore)
        • Add “View Info” to Runs dropdown on Tale History panel
          • Should this show logs? Output files?
        • Replace entrypoint input with a modal


  • Craig
    • Proposal work
    • PR review/etc.
    • Supplement support
  • Kacper
    • Working on better image building
  • Mike H
    • DERIVA PRs are ready for the review
  • Tim
    • Refactoring “bpfr” (bpf-recorder) to make it easy to turn and off particular probes, add new probes.
    • Close to adding option to output triples for loading into Blazegraph.
    • Found papers using eBPF heavily for many purposes (security, provenance, debugging distributed systems) and demonstrating it can do other things we need:
      • monitor network connections made and used by a process tree
      • see data passed over UNIX pipes
    • Now thinking we should skip over ReproZip in WT releases.
      • ptrace is considered harmful/”dangerous” in production environments
  • Mike L