2022-02-14 Development Meeting

Kacper, Craig, Mike, Sara, Tim


  • Updates


  • Kacper
    • Final pushes and merges:
      • Authenticated requests for DMS (after ~1yr!)
        • https://github.com/whole-tale/girder_wholetale/pull/465
        • https://github.com/whole-tale/girder_wt_data_manager/pull/47
      • Mike’s initial DERIVA support (rebases, minor fixes)
        • https://github.com/whole-tale/girder_wholetale/pull/510
    • Create valid BDBags with external data – girder_wholetale#518
    • Allow to specify a subset of dataset during import via path – girder_wholetale#520
    • Return EPERM for resources that DMS failed to fetch with 401 or 403 – girderfs#31
    • Updates and enhancements to DERIVA provider – girder_wholetale#519
  • Craig
    • PR reviews/testing
    • Documentation
      • run-local Globus
  • Tim
    • Close to having working a very lightweight module management system for Geist and other simple-text based systems. Will greatly speed up development and ease management of provenance capabilities.
    • Checking latest sample of output from SDTH variant of SDTL for compatibility with ProvONE model. The last sample was close to what we need, provided feedback on Thursday.
  • Sara L
    • Now going by preferred name: Sara
    • Addressed feedback in open PRs
    • Pushed dropzone POC to github: https://github.com/bodom0015/multi-upload-poc
      • Let me know if we need to discuss next steps
  • Mike H
    • Merged Deriva
    • Working