Dev meeting notes


  • Ian: dashboard was updated to incorporate remarks from previous meetings, work on integrating with Girder’s models has begun.
  • Kacper: will revisit autodeployment of dashboard and provide link to other developers when it’s up and running
  • Ian: Dashboard requires API endpoint for querying/ingesting data information based on DOI/URL
  • Bertram: we should keep track of what happens during dev meetings
  • Niall: keep meeting notes on GitHub


Attendees: Mihael H, Kacper K, Bertram L, Mike P, Ian T, Matt T, Kandace T


  • Dashboard: available at , new versions will autodeploy with each commit to whole-tale/dashboard repo
  • Globus data Ingestion: there’s no need for direct ingestion inside jupyter notebook (Mihael: that would require it to become globus endpoint), we operate under assumption that the user will ingest data into the drive, before launching a frontend environment.
  • Mike: There’s an on going effort @ NERSC related to integrating globus auth and jupyter (Matt: it was also presented by F. Perez at SciGateways’16)
  • NextCloud deployment/integration: Testing instance is already working at , it’s going to be integrated with dashboard via WebDAV
  • iRODS: will be discussed next week when Siva gets back from vacation
  • DataONE: server-side dataset ingestion is already up and running, needs integrating with dashboard.

Action items:

  • Create stable branch on whole-tale/dashboard. It’s going be autodeployed at Development will happen on master with autodeployment at (Kacper + Ian)
  • Investigate WebDAV integration with NextCloud for dashboard (Ian)


Attendees: Adam B, Matt J, Kacper K, Bertram L, Jaroslaw N, Ian T, Matt T


  • Introduction of Adam Brinckman – new member of dev team
  • Dashboard: we talked about Girder models and particular endpoints that are going to be used for creating a drive browser

Action items:

  • Ping TACC devs about iRODS status
  • Create Girder endpoint for storing custom user data (last visited page etc)


Attendees: Mihael H, Kacper K, Ian T, Matt T, Jamie W


  • we need precise definition/glossary of terms used throughout the project, so that when we say e.g. ‘frontend’ everybody thinks about the same concept
  • for dashboard we need:
    • a more detailed description of “pages” that adequately represent we are trying to do
    • names for those pages and detail within those pages for concepts we are trying to represent
  • Matt: dashboard should have a “workspace” feel
  • Mihael: will work on integrating Globus with Girder (as an assetstore)