Whole Tale system monitoring is implemented using the Open Monitoring Distribution (OMD). Monitoring of development and production systems is supported by NCSA’s ISDA group. The OMD instance can be accessed using NCSA credentials:

Adding Users

The WT OMD tenant is configured to use NCSA LDAP for authentication. Users in the grp_wtops LDAP group have access to OMD. Users outside of NCSA can be added via the “Users” menu.

Hosts and Host Groups

Hosts are organized into Host Groups based on deployment. We currently have host groups for the production, development, and staging deployments.


Notifications are currently configured to be sent in bulk based on deployment. All notifications within a 5 minute period will be sent in a single bulk email.

Checkmk Agent

WT uses a custom Checkmk agent. Docker image and definition are available from:

The agent implements four custom checks: - check-celery - confirms celery_worker is running on all nodes - check-nodes - confirms nodes are in ready state - check-services - confirms that expected docker services are running - check-tale - confirms a tale can be launched and stopped on the system


The monitoring stack is installed as part of the Terraform deployment process. The Checkmk agent is deployed as a global docker service.

Slack Integration

Checkmk notifications are also sent to the Whole Tale #alerts channel. Configuring Slack integration requires the following steps:

On Slack: - Create new app with name “Checkmk” - Activate incoming webhooks - Copy the service ID from the webhook URL which should have the form TXXXXXXXX/BXXXXXXXX/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

On OMD: - Go to Notifications page - Select “New Rule” - Under “Notification Method” select “CMK-Slack Websocket integration” - Enter the above service ID as the first parameter and the channel (without #) as the second - Save and activate

To test (from - Go to “All Services” page - Select “HTTP Dashboard” service - Select “Commands” (hammer) button - Next to “Custom notification” select “Send” - Confirm

This should send a test via both email and Slack.