Usage Scenarios

The following scenarios have been adapted from the Whole Tale ‘user stories’ defined for system development.

New user: Exploring Whole Tale

A new user learns about the Whole Tale from an article or presentation. They come to to learn about the system and explore its features. They login using their existing institutional credentials and are presented with a dashboard that allows them to easily browse and run a variety of example tales.

Running an existing Tale

A user selects an example from the catalog of available tales. They first select the ‘view’ link to read about the tale and gain an understanding of why it was created. They then select ‘launch’ to execute and access the running tale. The user then follows the narrative per the content of the published tale.

Creating a Tale

A user follows the introductory tutorial to learn how to create a Tale in the Whole Tale system. They begin by either searching for or uploading data to work with. They then compose the tale by combining the selected data with one of the available frontends.

Publishing a Tale

Release v0.5 will support the ability for users to publish their tale to DataONE member nodes or via Globus Publish sites.

Creating a new frontend

Release v0.7 will support the ability for users to create new frontends for use in the Whole Tale system.