Our Approach

Open Source Platform

The Whole Tale project is developing an open source platform and welcomes both re-use and contribution from the research infrastructure community. As a building block, the platform is intended to be deployable in a variety of environments, including the primary service at https://dashboard.wholetale.org.

Open Source Curriculum

The Whole Tale project is dedicated to the improvement of education and training for reproducible research practices through the creation of open lessons both for classroom instruction and through contributions to programs such as the Carpentries.

Open Infrastructure

The Whole Tale project aspires to contribute to and increase the impact of existing open infrastructure projects. The success of Whole Tale depends on our ability to connect users to the tools and information they need to create reproducible research packages. The Whole Tale platform leverages components from projects including Girder, The Rocker Project, and Project Jupyter.

Lowering Barriers

The Whole Tale project draws on the experience and expertise of researchers and communities that are working in the forefront of reproducible research practices and applies these lessons to the development of a platform that is intended to simplify and broaden the adoption of such practices.

Community Engagement

Through our working groups and workshops, we engage with a broad community of researchers, educators, and infrastructure developers to inform Whole Tale project direction and platform design.


As we develop a web-based platform, we recognize the importance of usability and user experience and will continue to conduct regular usability tests to improve the system.