Comparison between ownCloud and WsgiDAV

This is a quick and dirty performance comparison between the ownCloud WebDav server and WsgiDAV.

A few tests are run:

  • a recursive copy of a directory that mostly includes source files
  • large file copies (256M, 1G)
  • deletion of the directory in the first step
  • recursive listing
  • evaluation of a jupyter notebook

Both ownCloud and WsgiDAV are run on plain HTTP and locally. Data is stored on an SSD. ownCloud is configured with Redis caching, with Redis running locally and the connection being through a UNIX socket. Redis is also used for ‘memcache.locking’. These are recommended performance settings for ownCloud (see here). WsgiDAV is run with its own HTTP server.

The “many files” used in the tests consist of a structure with 50 sub-directories. There are a total of 680 files adding up to 5.1MB.


Recursive copy

cp -r ...

Recursive Listing

ls -lR

Recursive delete

rm -rf ...

File copy (256M)

This is from local to webdav mount


File copy (1G)


Notebook Eval

jupyter nbconvert --to notebook --execute ...

The notebook has some code that loads a bunch of data files that are stored in the same directory as the notebook (so webdav). Jupyter’s configuration directory is set to the webdav mount.