Browse: Exploring existing tales

The Browse page allows you to discover and launch existing Tales in the the Whole Tale system. This section coverse the following:


Browse Tales

The Browse Tales panel supports three primary tasks: browsing/searching, viewing, and launching Tales.

The panel includes a search box, filter and catalog of available Tales represented by cards (in card view) or rows (in list view).

  • Search: enter keywords to search across available tales.
  • Filter: select one of the filters to constrain the list. Options include All tales, Mine (those you’ve created), Published (published tales), and Recent (created or updated in the last month)
  • View: toggle between card and list views

View Tale

Hovering over the Tale card, select the View button to view Tale attributes incuding category, and detailed description. From this view you can launch (aka instantiate), view properties, or edit properties if you are the creator.

To launch a Tale, select the Launch Tale button in the upper right or under the Launch Tale heading, entering an optional title.

To view detailed properties, select the View Tale Properties heading. This will display information including creation date, last update date.

If you are the Tale creator, select the Edit Tale heading to edit the title, description, illustration, or change the “Public setting”. Select Generate Illustration to create an image from the Tale. See below for additional information about deleting and sharing Tales.


Launch a Tale

Select the Launch button to launch an instance of any Tale. Once started, the Tale will appear in the Launched Tales panel on both the Browse and Run pages. Select Go to Tale or select the entry in Launched Tales panel to access the instance. This will take you to the Run page or open a new tab for frontends that do not support iFrames.

Launched Tales

See Launched Tales.

Operations for Tale Creators

As the creator of a Tale, you have the ability to share and delete your Tale.


Share a Tale

To share a Tale with other Whole Tale users, select the View button and then the Share Tale button. You will have the option to change the Tale to Public or to enter the name of a group or user to share with.


Delete a Tale

To delete a Tale, select the red X from the Browse Tales page or the Delete Tale button from the View Tale page. You will be prompted to confirm before the Tale is deleted. It is important to understand the difference between stopping an instance of a Tale and deleting a Tale. When the Tale is deleted, it will no longer be available in the system.