Features and Limitations

Key system features of v0.8:

  • Authentication using Globus Auth
  • Ability to compose and run tales using Jupyter and RStudio (Rocker) environments
  • Ability to compose tales using data from published sources via HTTP URL or Digital Object Identifier (DOI). Note that with this release, DOIs are supported for DataONE, Dataverse network members, and the Materials Data Facility (MDF)
  • Ability to share tales with users in the system
  • Home directories (personal data shared across tale environments)
  • Local registry of Docker images used in the system
  • System monitoring and daily backups of user data
  • Ability to publish Tales to DataONE
  • Ability to export Tales to BagIt (zip archive), and run locally

Upcoming features: - Publish to Dataverse and Zenodo - Register data from Tapis/Agave providers - Ability to create and remix tale environments - Provenance capture

For a complete list of current and planned features, see the release schedule.


  • The Whole Tale dashboard works best in Chrome. There are known issues in Firefox.