Browse: Exploring existing tales

The Browse page allows you to discover and create Tales. This section covers the following:


Whole Tale’s main landing page

Browse Tales

The Browse Tales page is the main landing page for Whole Tale. It supports three primary tasks: browsing/searching, launching, and creating Tales.

When you make a Tale public, it will show up on this page for other users to interact with. If your Tale is not public, it will still show up on this page, but will only be displayed to you.

To view all of the Tales that you have created, use the filter that’s highlighted in the image above. This will also display Tales that you’ve copied from other users.

View Tale

Hovering over the Tale card and selecting View will bring you to a page that displays important metadata about the Tale. This includes information about the authors, doi, and datasets that the Tale used. If you are the owner of the Tale, you can use this page to attribute credit to other authors via their ORCID.

Launch a Tale

Tales that are shown on this page can be accessed by the public. To interact with one of these Tales, click Run Tale. If you don’t own the Tale, you’ll be asked if you’d like to create a copy. Once created, you’ll be brought to the Run page where you can interact with the experiment in the environment.

Operations for Tale Creators

Delete a Tale

To delete a Tale, click the trash bin icon next to the Run Tale button. You will be prompted to confirm before the Tale is deleted. It is important to understand the difference between stopping an instance of a Tale and deleting a Tale. Stopping a Tale will delete the instance, while deleting a Tale will completely remove it from Whole Tale.