Sharing Tales

Tales can be shared with other Whole Tale users enabling active collaboration between researchers and peer review. The Shared with Me tab on the main dashboard page lists all of the Tales that other users are actively sharing with you.

To share a Tale with other users, first open the Tale and navigate to the Share tab, shown below.


The Tale sharing area.

To add a user as a collaborator, use the Collaborators section to search for their username. Once selected, the appropriate permissions can be set.


Sharing a Tale with a user.

Tales can also be unshared with users. To remove a user, navigate to the Collaborators area. Find the user that the Tale is being shared with and click the ‘x’ to remove them.


Read Permissions

The default access level for a shared Tale is Can Read. This means that the user you’ve shared the Tale with won’t be able to make modifications to the Tale’s metadata or to its files. The user will instead be able to view the metadata fields and view the included files.

When a user runs a Tale that was shared with them, a copy is created that the user can write to. Although unsharing the Tale will remove it from the user’s dashboard, it will not remove their personal copy if one was made.

Edit Permissions

When a Tale is shared for the purpose of active collaboration, the permissions should be set to Can Edit. This gives the user the ability to make changes to the Tale’s metadata and files. When a shared Tale has edit permissions and is run, a copy isn’t created like in the case of Tales with Read permissions. Instead, the Tale is started and the user is free to make modifications. These changes are reflected onto the original Tale. Users should be cautious not to work on a shared Tale simultaneously to avoid conflicts with opened files. To see recent changes, files need to be re-opened; if the file is saved before opening, any changes will be overwritten.