What is Whole Tale?

Whole Tale is an open-source platform for the creation, publication, and verification of reproducible computational research artifacts. The project is funded Funded by the National Science Foundation. A public version of the platform is available for academic use only at https://dashboard.wholetale.org/.

What is a “Tale”?

Whole Tale defines a model for computational reproducibility that captures the input, output, data, code, execution environment, provenance and other metadata about the results of computational research. We refer to this model as a Tale – a composite research object that includes the environment, configuration, metadata, code, and data objects required to fully reproduce a computational result.

What can Whole Tale do?

Having created a Tale, a researcher can share it with others, publish it to a research repository (such as Zenodo or DataONE), associate a persistent identifier, and link it to publications. Other researchers or reviewers can instantiate the published version of the Tale and execute it in the same state as at the time it was when published. Tales may also contain intellectual property metadata with licensing information crucial to enabling re-use, reproducibility, giving credit, as well as for broad access.

Who uses Whole Tale?

Whole Tale is intended for researchers, editors, and reviewers of published computational research.