Versioning Tales

Whole Tale users can create versions of their Tales via the Tale History panel. Select the Tale History icon (tale_history) to open or close the panel:

To create a new version, select Save Tale Version:


Version history

Select the icon next to a version to delete, rename or restore the selected version:


Version menu

Created versions are accessible from inside your running interactive environment in the ../versions directory:


Versions in the running container

Deleting Versions

Deleted versions are removed permanently and cannot be recovered.

Renaming Versions

When versions are renamed, they are also renamed on the filesystem.

Restoring Versions

By selecting Restore you will copy the contents of the selected version to your active workspace. This includes tale metadata and registered datasets.

Exporting and Publishing Versions

Each time you export or publish a Tale, if no version exists one is created for you. If versions exist, the most recent is used. The exported or published Tale contains a single version (i.e., not all versions)

Versioning Model

Whole Tale uses a versioning model based and hard and soft links on the local filesystem. This simple model allows us to expose all versions as a folder in your running interactive environment for reference and comparison.