Versioning Tales

Whole Tale allows users to create versions of their tales. A version includes the contents of the tale workspace, externally registered data, and metadata. Versions can be renamed, deleted, exported and published. Recorded runs are created based on versions.

Versioning Model

Whole Tale uses a simply filesystem-based versioning model. Any versions you create are accessible via the Whole Tale dashboard as wells as in the ../versions folder in your running interactive environment.

Creating Versions

You can create versions of your tale using the Save Tale Version option on the tale action menu or the Tale History panel. Select the Tale History icon (tale_history) to open or close the panel:

To create a new version, select Save Tale Version:


Version history

Select Files > Saved Versions to manage your versions. From this menu you can rename, remove, download, restore, or export your tale version.


Version menu


The Download folder option simply downloads any folder as a zip file. Use the Export Version option to download a complete version of your tale including metadata, external data, recorded runs, etc.

Created versions are accessible from inside your running interactive environment in the ../versions directory:


Versions in the running container

Version Actions

Use the version action menu to operate on versions operations.

Version actions




Rename the selected version


Remove the selected version.

Download Folder

Download a zip file of any folder

View info

View tale metadata for the selected version

Restore Version

Restore the tale and workspace to the selected version

Export Version

Export the selected version as a Bg

As New Tale

Create a new tale based on the selected version

Deleting Versions

Deleted versions are removed permanently and cannot be recovered. A version cannot be deleted if it has an associated recorded run.

Renaming Versions

When versions are renamed, they are also renamed on the filesystem.

Restoring Versions

By selecting Restore you will copy the contents of the selected version to your active workspace. This includes tale metadata and registered datasets.

Exporting and Publishing Versions

Each time you export or publish a tale, if no version exists one is created for you. Selecting Export Tale or Publish Tale from the tale action menu will export or publish the most recent version. To export a specific version, including any associated recorded runs, select the desired version from the Publish Tale dialog.


Publishing versions