Working with Git

Whole Tale supports three different ways of working with Git repositories.

  • Using Git command-line tools from the interactive environment

  • Creating a new tale from an existing Git repository

  • Connecting an existing tale to a Git repository

In all cases, you will likely need to work with either Git command line tools or plugins in your selected interactive environment.


You cannot create a tale from a private (password-protected) Git repository.


For experienced Git users, the simplest way to connect your tale to a Github repository is via the command line or client tools in your selected interactive environment. After selecting Run Tale and accessing your interactive session, open a console or terminal:

git init
git remote add origin<your_org>/<your_repo>.git
git pull origin master  # or main

This will initialize your tale workspace as a Git repository and associate it with the specified remote. From here, you can synchronize any code changes with your remote repository using your preferred tools.

Create or Connect to Git Repository

For users who are unfamiliar with Git commandline tools, you can achieve the above by simply creating a new tale or connecting an existing tale to a public Git repository. You will still need to use Git features in your selected interactive environment.