Whole Tale supports the creation of Tales that rely on STATA software.


Whole Tale supports two different interfaces for creating STATA based Tales:

Jupyter with STATA Kernel

Available for any supported version of STATA, the JupyterLab IDE with STATA kernel can be used to create and run STATA code or Jupyter notebooks using the STATA kernel. The JupyterLab terminal provides access to a Linux shell environment to run STATA code.

Linux Desktop via XPRA

Available for any supported version of STATA, Xpra HTML5 client provides remote access to the native STATA Linux desktop.


Access to STATA on the Whole Tale platform is provided through support from Stata Corp. Tales that are exported and run outside of the Whole Tale system will require you to provide your own license information.

As noted in our Terms of Service, STATA on Whole Tale is for academic use only.